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SC44 Sailing Catamaran

SC38 Sailing Catamaran

BC65 Power Catamaran

J1800 Sailing Catamaran
ASV1100 and ASV1500 Small Passenger Craft Pilot800 Steel Cruising Powerboat
L1000 Cruising Powercat    

Important notes

For amateur boat builders:

Please follow this link

For boatbuilders and brokers:

If You would like to offer our stock design to Your clients, it is absolutely necessary to contact us first and discuss the conditions of using our presentation materials. Any images of these stock designs placed on any third-party resource or catalogue should include direct link or reference to Albatross Marine Design. Note that our stock designs are covered by international design patents.

We always find it impolite when a boatbuilder is using photos of boats not built by him for his marketing. In particular, this refers to builders whose website contains photos of sisterships built from the same design but by other builders (in most cases such photos originate from designer’s website). It happens with many stock designs but it is hardly acceptable practice without publishing additional comments. The designer requires that if such photos are used by a customer/builder, it should clearly marked as ‘sistership’ preferably with reference to builder of the sistership boat. The reason for such policy is to avoid misunderstanding of builder’s launching record, skills and capacity by potential buyers.

For our strock designs, all the design documentation is exclusive intellectual property of Albatross Marine Design. The design set cannot be resold, transferred or exposed to any third parties (excerpt certification bodies) in printed or electronic form without the written permission of the Albatross Marine Design. The Design documentation may not be copied other than for purposes of workshop use or certification. The tooling (molds, plugs, templates, etc.) manufactured by any boat builder for production of any of these stock designs are also covered by intellectual property rights of Albatross Marine Design. Any re-sale, transfer or rental of such tooling to third parties should be subject to direct agreement of such third party and Albatross Marine Design.

For buyers/boat operators/private customers

We care our reputation of integrity and quality, and we try to work only with well established boat builders with proven launching record. If You have been offered one of our stock designs, please take a caution to check if such offer is authorized from our side and the images are not stolen from designer’s website without any proper aggeement.

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