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SC38 Sailing Catamaran

This boat is designed as cruising catamaran built in flat panels of sandwich (either foam or honeycomb). We use proven hull shape from our previous boats, and completely re-shaped the deck and cabin according to recent styling trends.

Options with low aspect ration skegs or daggerboars are available.

Parameter Symbol Units Value
maximum length (with catwalk) LMAX m 12.43
length of hull LH m 11.64
length of waterline (at DWL) LWL m 11.53
maximum beam BMAX m 6.28
beam of hull BH m 6.28
beam of waterline (at DWL)** BWL   1.47
beam between centres of buoyancy BCB m 4.40
maximum depth DMAX m 2.79
midship depth DLWL/2 m 2.79
Freeboard (at DWL)      
freeboard forward FF m 1.58
freeboard midship FM m 1.6
freeboard aft FA m 0.58
canoe body draught (at DWL) TC m 0.67
minimum draught (LCC displacement ) TMIN m 1.08
maximum draught (LDC displacement) TMAX m 1.19
headroom in saloon   m 2.16
air draught (at DWL, excluding antenna) HA m 16.96
volume displacement (at DWL) VD m3 11.65
light craft condition mass (LCC) mLCC kg 9500
mass of craft at minimum operation condition (MOC) mMOC kg 9730
loaded craft mass (LDC) mLDC kg 12000
maximum load mMTL kg 2500
immersion (at DWL)   kg/cm 270.1
number of engines   - 2
model   - Yanmar 3YM30
maximin power at crankshaft   kW(HP) 22.1(30)
maximum speed of crankshaft   RPM 3600
fuel consumption   L/h 6.5
dry weight  with out gearbox   kg 123
maximum design speed (minimum operation condition)   kts 8.7*
maximum design speed (loaded craft)   kts 8.4*
recommended cruising speed   kts 7*
fuel   L 2x300
water   L 1x300
waste   L 2x120
Sails area (Performance/ Cruising)      
main   m2 50/ 40
genoa   m2 31.8/ 30
staysail   m2 5.5/ 5.5
Sails measurements (Performance/ Cruising)      
mailsail hoist P mm 13250/ 10940
mainsail foot E mm 4690/ 4615
foretriangle height I mm 15070/ 12600
foretriangle base J mm 4350/ 4480
longest perpendicular LP mm 4400/ 4530
passengers/crew     12
Coefficients and parameters (at DWL)**      
block coefficient CB - 0.524
midship section area coefficient CM - 0.811
waterplane area coefficient CWP - 0.78
prismatic coefficient CP - 0.647
longitudinal center of buoyancy LCB/LWL - 0.460
length to displacement ratio LWL/VD1/3 - 6.390
displacement to length ratio DLR - 109.6
Category     A 'ocean'
All measurements according to ISO8666
* - estimated
** - for one hull