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Albatross Marine Design is World-leading design office specializing in small craft and boat design.
We are proud of our launching record with over 135 boat designs in service
(only new designs developed in AMD, not refit projects); some of them production craft, some are custom designs.

SG14 aluminium catamaran
(Thailand/Australia) See video

SY60 solar-powered catamaran yacht
(Thailand/Austria) See video

H48 catamaran yacht
(Thailand)See video

SM16 interceptor craft
(UAE/Sri Lanka) See video

SM18FF rescue/firefighting catamaran
(UAE/Sri Lanka)
See video

AT1500 SAMUI tour boat/diving catamaran launched (Thailand)
See video

STM-LC12 patrol boat (UAE)
See video

TV400GFX sportfisher catamaran (USA)
See video

J1800NH sailing catamaran (Thailand)
See video

SB90 motor yacht (Thailand)
See video

SB60SAR police rescue boat (Thailand)
See video

IS41 charter catamaran (Thailand)
See video

SY62 catamaran yacht (Thailand/Austria)

BC65 catamaran yacht (India)

SB1050 fishery patrol boat (Thailand)

B12 rescue boat (Thailand)
See video

DP10 rescue boat (UAE)

D810 sportcruiser (Thailand)

BNTM16 passenger catamaran (India)

PV120 recreational catamaran (Russia)

SC920 expedition catamaran (Russia)

T1450 multipurpose catamaran (Russia)

H60 catamaran yacht (Thailand)
See video

PV117 recreational catamaran (Russia)
See video

FX1 catamaran (USA)
See video

PV99 SportFisher recreational catamaran (Russia)
See video

M085 patrol boat (Thailand)
See video

PA99 (PV99) recreational catamaran (Russia)

CNC960 patrol boat (Thailand)

R38RM fast passenger catamaran (Thailand)

D13 river-sea expedition motor yacht (Russia)

AB45 45' recreational catamaran (Thailand)

SB60VIP 19m passenger boat (Thailand)

F180EC1 river passenger catamaran (Thailand)

CNC1800 E-Ferry (Thailand)

F200EC1 (CNC20) 20m aluminium passenger catamaran (Thailand)

PLUTO800 sailing/racing yacht (Ukraine)

P1500 sailing catamaran (Thailand)

U800 8m sailing yacht (Ukraine)

PV199 recreational catamaran (Russia)
See video

PC1200 catamaran for tourism (Russia)

AT1200WSI passenger catamaran (Thailand)

AT1900 passenger catamaran (Thailand)

AT1500 SAMUI tour boat/diving catamaran launched (Thailand)
See video

AT1500 passenger catamaran (Thailand)
See video

ASV1500W passenger catamaran (Thailand)

ASV1500 15m passenger catamaran (Russia)

AT18SL 18m composite passenger catamaran (Thailand)

PA72 recreational/special (Russia)

XP820 pleasure powerboat (aluminum/composite) (Thailand)

AMD900 catamaran (Russia)

MOB11 workboat (India)

MOB16 patrol boat (India)

MOB16Y recreational boat (India)

L1000 recreational catamaran (Thailand)
See video

AT1200FB tourist boat (Thailand)

AT1600 16 tourist catamaran (Thailand)

MOB11P electrical/solar passenger boat (India)

SWR12 rescue boat (Russia)

PP167 (PM50) patrol boat (Russia)

N820 patrol boat (Russia)

USV16 special/unmanned craft (Singapore)

GlassBottom10 tourist boat (Thailand)

XPOLARE1030 pleasure powerboat (Thailand)
See video

Patrol1000-2E 10m patrol powerboat (Russia)

OXTA1000 patrol boat (Russia)
See video

D810 8.1m sportcruiser (Thailand)

AT47Cabin passenger (Thailand)

MOB14 patrol boat (India)

AT1650 passenger ferry catamaran launched (Thailand)

PM1800 passenger catamaran (Russia)

T15 15m aluminium workboat (Russia)
See video

AR980 catamaran yacht (Thailand)
See video

L1100 pleasure 11m powercat (Russia)

RB38 pleasure catamaran (Thailand)

RB34 motor-sailing catamaran (Thailand)

RB45 sailing catamaran (Thailand)
See video

RB34 'Rabbit' motor sailing catamaran (Thailand)

HK40 motorsailing catamaran (Thailand)

MM75 catamaran (Thailand)

RB38 sailing catamaran (Thailand)

NS50 16m patrol boat/RIB (China)

Patrol1000 10m patrol powerboat (Russia)

I33C 10m pleasure boat (India)

PP95 patrol RIB (Russia)
See video

AS14 14m Paramedical/Rescue catamaran (Russia)
See video

MD1460 interceptor craft

SM12-OB special/patrol craft (Srilanka)

V11 11m composite patrol RIB (Korea)

STC790 pleasure catamaran (Thailand)
See video

XPOLARE980 powerboat (Thailand)

P850 partol craft

CROQ1270 patrol craft

Arctic510 pleasure boat (Russia)

C620 pleasure catamaran (Thailand)

AT800 8.1m pleasure catamaran (Thailand)
See video

SC870 workboat catamaran (Russia)

AT800FUN 8.1m pleasure catamaran (Thailand)

V900 Launched (Ukraine)

KC1200 steel passenger catamaran (Kazakhstan)

AT47 tourist/passenger craft launched (Thailand)

DiveCat1000 power catamaran (Thailand)

FunCat620 pleasure catamaran (Thailand)

AT800WB 8.1m diving catamaran (Thailand)
See video

AT620CABIN pleasure catamaran (Thailand)

SCAT1010 10m water taxi (Russia)

FC1000 water taxi (Thailand)

DIVECAT 1000 diving catamaran (Thailand)
See video

FC1000W water taxi (Thailand)

MTV1100 party catamaran (Malaysia)

AT1200 passenger/tourist catamaran (Thailand)

BL1000 classic-styled powerboat (Ukraine)

Pilot 800 Launched (Russia)

AR1100 patrol/diving RIB (Ukraine)

PartyCat960 catamaran (Russia)

PV108 recreational catamaran (Russia)

ASV1100 11m composite passenger or ambulance catamaran (Vietnam)

SQUALT1000 pleasure powervoat (France/Turkey)

ARM790 riverine patrol craft Built by 'Armacraft'

SM32 powerboat/workboat (Sri Lanka)

NS40 pleasure catamaran (China)

RB50 pleasure catamaran (Thailand)

T60 18m classic-style motoryacht (Thailand)

OXTA1150 landing catamaran craft (Russia)

CPCK1200 12m cable-laying and research catamaran (Russia)

KF1300 composite fishing boat (Korea)

OPH900 9m aluminum RIB (Russia)

OXTA650 rescue boat (Russia)

OXTA650J rescue boat (Russia)

NS680 special RIB (China)

NSC680 catamaran RIB (China)

XPOLARE720 7.2m pleasure boat (Thailand)

JC710 catamaran (China)

R38 rescue catamaran (Thailand)

SC14C workboat catamaran (Thailand)

BPLC19 landing craft/truck carrier (Thailand)


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