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With our wide spectrum of design and engineering skills, we produce complete designs in-house and prefer to provide a comprehensive design service to customers. This enables us to reduce complications in manufacturing and finally to decrease construction time and costs. The scope of our design services includes:

  • Design and styling
  • Interior design
  • Naval Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Research and Consultancy
  • Construction Supervision
  • Trials and Testing

Design and styling

We consider that a combination and balance of art and science is the best starting point of a new design. Elegant engineering solutions are supported by beauty of lines. We start the design process during a preliminary meeting with a customer throughout which we endeavor to ascertain the design requirements, operational parameters etc.. With this information we prepare preliminary sketches and images to show the suggested appearance, together with a parametric analysis of craft’s main specifications to ensure that the design is feasible and optimal.

From this basic concept, members of our team take the design through all necessary stages in detail. Each member of the team fully understands that it is the detail which differentiates a successful design. Our combined experience of boat design, engineering, construction and operation is utilized to ensure the boat will satisfy the Customer in each and every aspect.

Interior Design

The interior design of a boat is not just choosing color of wallpapers and floor tile patterns, but more fundamentally requires carefully planned space and ergonomics in the confined shape of boat. It also requires consideration of structural and systems requirements together with careful consideration of weight issues. Our design set includes detailed drawings of furniture and fit out with the required weight analysis.

Our interior design team is one of the most experienced in Asia and possesses knowledge of locally available skills and materials, as well as contacts with leading suppliers from around the world.

Interior design is not only important for luxury yachts, but also for special craft and workboats where the crews and personnel spend considerable time on board and are exposed to unfavorable effects of the sea.

We have also enjoyed the unique, challenging and professionally fulfilling task of designing vessels for customers confined to a wheel chair and for other disabled customers. In such designs the optimum result can only be achieved through careful analysis of space, levels and ergonomics.

Naval Architecture

With strong team of naval architects and engineers we provide a full range of services including floatation and stability analysis, resistance, powering and sea keeping predictions, calculations of propellers size, and advanced engineering of marine structures in high-tech composites, aluminum, steel or wood.

We develop cutting files for molds and plugs or aluminum kits, or 3Dfiles for CNC machining of tooling. At the final stage, if required, we provide all documentation and liaison for the certification process by Classification Societies and liaise with the builder and the Certification Society during that process.

Systems Engineering

Contemporary boat design cannot be considered complete without specifications of systems such as fuel, bilge pumping, sewage, fresh water, air-conditioning and heating, ventilation, LPG and others. Electrical systems are designed to provide adequate powering and protection of DC and AC consumers, with specification of power requirement and main and backup sources.

At engineering stage we also provide specifications of anchoring and mooring equipment, steering systems, hatches and doors with required water tightness degree, ladders and handrails; we would also design custom equipment and hardware if required. Our engineering section is in possession of full range of equipment catalogs and provides complete specifications with equipment lists, calculations, diagrams and plans. Such level of documentation is not only required for purchase and construction team, but also for clarity of contact specifications and subsequent certification of boat.

Research and Consultancy

AMD is recognized for its research work, the results of which are presented at top level international conferences and professional seminars in Europe, USA and Asia-Pacific. Our primary areas of research are:

  • Small craft performance prediction - resistance, maneuvering, sea keeping;
  • Hydrodynamics and aerodynamics of sailing craft - velocity prediction programs, race modeling and maneuvering simulation;
  • Small craft design methodology - design optimization and parametric methods;
  • Scientific design methods for multihull and advanced craft;
  • Applied art design of small craft - integration of visual aspects with functionality and regulation;
  • Comfort factors in boat design, with special attention to ride comfort and effect of accelerations on crew and passengers;
  • Loads assessment and structural design in composites
  • Stability and safety of ships and small craft - development of software and regulatory issues.

We have delivered a wide range of educational seminars, at major marine industry events, such as IBEX (USA), High Speed Boat Operation forum (Sweden) and a number of personnel training events for marine suppliers.

Our research papers are published in English, Thai, Russian and Chinese. We cooperate with world-leading research institutions and laboratories for joint studies and use the experience and data obtained to enhance the development of our designs.

Construction Supervision

We are available for construction supervision both on site or remote. Supervision by the designer is often necessary to ensure a successful project, especially in regard to structural integrity and weight control, both essential elements of a successful build.

With our knowledge of the industry, we provide solutions that fit the purpose and construction facilities available to a particular builder. We are well aware of high-tech solutions, as well as of some problems of using these technologies in developing countries, and we design accordingly.

Trials and testing

We are often involved in trials and testing of our designs that provide valuable data for fine-tuning and assessing seagoing properties and performance We possess an extensive database of results of trials that allows us to verify calculations and develop new methods of analysis, and by using this data, to design highly efficient and competitive craft. On full size craft, we conduct displacement survey and inclination testing, speed trials, maneuverability tests, measurements of accelerations, sound levels and many other tests.

We also carry out model testing for resistance and sea keeping in association with leading testing facilities, and also radio controlled model testing for sea keeping and controllability tasks. Working with specialized laboratories, we perform tests of laminates and materials for mechanical properties, to ensure effectiveness, strength and lightness of the structures we design.

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