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Though our technical documentation for stock design is very complete, these designs are mainly intended for professional boat builders. Most of them are NOT intended for amateur boat builders and do require certain skills and equipment for their construction, as well as the knowledge of boatyard practices and standard details. If You are an amateur boat builder and looking for simple boat with step-by-step instructions and extensive designer’s support, please contact any other designer working in the niche of amateur boatbuilding.

At the end of 1990s, A.Nazarov with his colleagues developed few sailing boats which plans are available for free download - see Kavalier800 and Plilgrim590 which have been built by amateurs worldwide. Some of those builders are experienced sailors, some of them are making first steps both in sailing and boat building. But all of them share passion for the Sea and enthusiasm to construct their dream boat by their own hands. Some photos we have got are posted below.

Please note that Albatross Marine Design does not take any responsibility and does not provide advice for these designs.

Kavalier 800 photos:

Pilgrim590 photos:

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